Bob Mans Photography
Based in The Netherlands

Capturing a moment in time, a brief second that is never to return of recreated ever again.

Those where my thoughts when I was developing my interest in Photography.

My name is Bob Mans, 26 years of age, and a fashion and commercial photographer. Since I was young the idea of capturing a moment that never could exist again was appealing to me. Not just the idea of taking a photograph to be kept forever, but taking the moment that was briefly there.

Although it’s the time when my interest in photography started to exist. When I’ve graduated my mid schools I’ve got my first camera, taking long and random scrawls through the city, going out on trips in the woods and nature, to capture insects, plants  and scenery. After a couple of years of walking around, the scenery started to bore me, I could no longer see any challenges in capturing that little bee, or crooked tree. As I am a peoples person, the interest in model photography was awakened, although at that age I found myself to young and and inexperienced to go and ask people to model for me, thus most of the people would be older and wiser. As though I thought.

So photography stood still for some years, but it started to itch again, I wanted to pick up that camera again. And so it began and still goes till the present day. I’ve been shooting models for about 3 years now. At first I was shooting friends nearby, trying to light my subject with the simplest tools and equipment. After a while people started to see what I was doing.  My name steadily grew in a short period of time, therefor my skills needed to be running along as well. 

A lot pf practice and self study time then came in to place, loads of hours of scrolling through web pages and forums, to read, to learn. My interest for Fashion grew as I saw works of designers and other photographers. I thought it was so cool! And how awesome it must be to be able do deliver such amazing shots! So I’ve looked up to a lot of them in the past few years. But now I came to understand that with an open mind, creative team and good teamwork the results will show, the ideas you sketch will come alive, and at till this present day I’ve been blessed with an awesome crew around me, and met a lot of great people through my photography.

So if you would ask me, what’s the most important thing in your work? I would answer , it’s the moment that you capture, created by amazing people around you.



Publications and collaborations

  • Vogue IT
  • FART Magazine
  • Dark Beauty Magazine Online
  • Titonton Provocative – LP Cover
  • Berden Stijlgids
  • Berden Exhibition
  • Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
  • F-For Fashion Billboard 2014
  • Elite Model Management – Amsterdam
  • Mix-Models
  • Human Models
  • Dauntless Model Management
  • NCD Excecutive NL
  • RedLight Dance Event ( Deephouse ) – Posters
  • Linda Friesen – Hello Kitty Dress – LA Hello Kitty Convention
  • 10TEN Magazine October / November Issue
  • Dark Beauty Magazine – Issue 39 – December Issue
  • 10TEN Magazine – December Issue
  • HUF Magazine – Issue 37
  • Like a Lion Magazine – February Issue
  • Grenswerk – Studio Luidspreker – Festival Ruis Campagne


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